Copy & Paste


Straight from one of my saved, go-to web links— FSYMBOLS— every so often, we just wanna get back to basic. I mean, BASIC. Whether your intent is to “spruce up” captions or titles; social media posts of any variety, your blog post, or because you’d like to integrate a retro-like, old-school appearance to your messages, or anything else. Because… different. Cute.

The symbols you see here are, LITERALLY, for you to COPY & PASTE. That’s it. Seriously.

[And no different is the same, simple rule for any/all symbols found on OG sites like: . . .but, for real, just Google any symbols— there’s so many].

SYMBOLS = the characters you see below which might be used like a replacement for some ‘emojis’ or ‘emoticons’ (or whatever you like to call these guys: 😏😎😱)— but, in the most simplest form of flat, black&white ‘symbols’ or, what some might refer to as copy-and-paste ‘clipart’, etc. And, yes, once again, and as the title suggests:


1) HIGHLIGHT via the act of hovering over your choice of one of the symbols below… 2) COPY (like the exact same way you’d copy any text… but click here if you’re not sure how)… and, 3) PASTE by clicking (in some cases, it would be considered the original “right click”) within any blank field for text— in other words, anywhere that’s capable of typing (or ‘texting’) words (i.e. characters)— just like when you paste any ‘ol copied text (and if unsure, refer to previous link— or just press here for the same WikiHow instructions).

I’ve ALPHABETICALLY listed some of my favorite and literally-so-simple, aesthetic symbols for you to copy/paste, belo:

For example. Looking for a ‘star’?

Look under S.


⌦ ⌫

↱ ↰

↳ ↲

⫸ ⫷

⪢ ⪡

➼ ‣

Bullet Point

• ○ ⁌ ⁍ ∙ ⦾ ⦿‣


✟ ♱ ☥ ✙ ♰ †